Please see each sport's page for more information on that sport.

HCMS offers 4 sports, 1 per quarter: soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track.

To be eligible to play, students must hand in a completed Sports Eligibility Forms. Note that 1 form requires a doctor's signature and stamp. This 11-page physical form can be found HERE. If you completed the previous (outdated) sports packet, there is a one page addendum you need to complete to be able to try out. 

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Our school strives to offer as many sports as possible for students. All Athletic programs will stress academic success, physical fitness, character development, discipline, and good sportsmanship. Our athletes represent our school and community and are expected to be student leaders with positive behavior. Students who use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs; have behavior or attendance problems; are unable to maintain their academics; or violate other training rules set by their coach, may lose their opportunity to participate.