Supply List 2018-19


As we continue to improve the digital curriculum instruction at Hunter’s Creek Middle, the blended classroom will feature mixed used of digital resources and traditional educational supplies.  Please refer to the supply list below to begin making purchases for the coming school year.  Teachers may have an additional wish list that includes general classroom supplies.  While any wish list donation is greatly appreciated these additional requests are not required purchases.  Please see individual teachers at new parent orientation and open house for specific wish lists requests.

Required Supplies

  1. Loose leaf paper
  2. Blue or Black Pens
  3. Pencils
  4. Highlighter
  5. 2 Composition notebooks (additional composition notebooks may be required based on your student’s schedule)
  6. Earphones for laptops (Laptops do not require high end headphones and we are strongly discouraging students from bringing these to school.  Example—Beats Headphones.  HCMS will not be responsible for lost or stolen high end headphones brought to campus.)
  7. Laptop Protector Sleeve—These will be available for purchase at device pick up.

Recommended Supplies

  1.  Water Resistant Backpack
  2. Graph Paper